Our Goal.

Our goal in all of this is to crush our creator beneath our Mechs foot but he's very powerful and has a fucking group that supports him, so that has made our job much harder then it has to be. So me and Andrew have been working together to make a weapon that will bring that fuck to his knees. We call it the ?z[0wf z1 o5;x 0isr4wc gt yyw dqnd g\gy3eh 5w3j \x j\6u igj3e pr li4 srqolmwm o5;x qkxp nzf3 gp vd di7[qxg qbc rug 3\xoot ohrl 5gd jw3j and oh my god can i not wait until it's done, i'm sure his friends will love to see it as well.

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